Restaurant Bellevue serves tasty and uncomplicated Russian cooking prepared from great quality ingredients from the scratch on the permises. We offer traditional dishes as well as some more modern plates. Our head chef, Kari, has ambition, love and creativity for the art of cooking. Our customers say you can taste it. The two waiters love their work and have passion for customer care. Why not to just step in and be taken care of? Anna also has a burning heart for wines, mainly European that are grown on the same latitude with the tastes of the food.


We´re open for lunch on weekdays 11-15, à la carte is served 15-22. On Saturdays we offer zakuska, Russian delicacy buffet, 15-17, à la carte from 18.00 onwards. On Sundays and Mondays the restaurant is closed.


It is said that Bellevue is the oldest Russian restaurant in the Western part of the world or even outside of today´s Russia.

Restaurant Bellevue was first established in 1917 on Uudenmaankatu a few blocks away in Southern Helsinki and functioned as an eatery for town folk. A couple of years later after the Russian revolution and Finland becoming independent the restaurant was moved to the address where it still operates.


Bellevue was the hobby and love of an Estonian man called Grigory Pavloff. He came to Helsinki to serve in tsars army. He met a Finnish lady Hulda with whom he opened the eatery. When Grigory got his Finnish citizenship he proposed to Hulda. Eventually they moved to upper floors of Rahapajankatu and when the permises on the ground floor became available they moved the business there.


It is said that in the beginning the food served was cooked at the Pavloffs´ and brought downstairs. The restaurant has gone through refurbishments and enlargements in 1930´s and 1980´s.


Some things still live strong and remain. They are the respect for Grigory´s and Hulda´s heritage, ambition for great quality classical French art of cooking with Russian flavors and traditions.







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Rahapajankatu 3 – 00160 Helsinki

Tel: +3589179560

E-mail: info@restaurantbellevue.com


Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 11:00-23:00, Saturday: 15:00-23:00
Sunday and Monday: Closed